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10 Foods IgE
Panel Code : 5449  
Panel is NY certified

Testing for IgE antibodies (type-I hypersensitivity reaction) may be useful to establish the diagnosis of an allergic disease and to identify the allergens responsible for eliciting reported signs and symptoms. Type-I hypersensitivity reactions result in release of pro-inflammatory mediators and general disruptions within the NEI SupersystemTM. Specific IgE testing is a useful tool in the management of a number of health conditions in addition to identifying the environmental contributions to a patient's total allergen body burden.

Specific IgE testing is a useful tool in the management of a number of health conditions such as: asthma, seasonal allergies, chronic sinusitis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.  It is an invaluable tool that aids in identifying foods that contribute to a patient's total allergen body burden. 

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Important Issues for Allergen-Specific IgE Testing

This profile can be ordered using the Serum Multi-Option Profile MULTISER1 or CBC and Serum Multi-Option Profile #7988.

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